Fifteen Minutes That Shook the World

Fifteen Minutes That Shook the World is a film written by Dave Kirby about Liverpool F.C.'s Champions League win in 2005 in Istanbul, known as "The miracle of Istanbul". It stars Neil Fitzmaurice as Rafa Benitez and has cameos by Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and Dietmar Hamann. The film has been available on DVD since late 2009. Source: Wikipedia

The Fiver has walked from many films through time, usually when they are over, the ending credits have rolled and we have completed scrabbling around searching for the ringing telephone we fell one of the sticky sweets and lost popcorn through those dreadful minutes as Marley was discharged to the Large Dog Basket At The Sky. Obviously not every movie stars Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston and also an incorrigible-but-cute yellow labrador, so we occasionally walk from these ancient, but this morning has been the very first time we have ever felt tempted to depart in the center of a trailer. The clip in question is from a film called 15 Minutes That Shook The Earth and visible on 123movies, a spoof purporting to show what went on in the Liverpool dressing-room in half-time throughout their 2005 Large Cup final win over Milan, in substantially the exact same manner as the Fiver appeared to be a humorous tea-time spin around the world of soccer and Peter Andre purports to be a respectable performer. Starring Ray Von out of Phoenix Nights as Benitez, an unidentified actor using a blow-up doll - we believe - Steve Finnan, a set of legs emerging out of a cardboard box as Djinkin' Djimi Traore and $tevie Mbe, Jamie Carragher and Didi Hamann handling the remarkable feat of enjoying themselves unconvincingly, 15MTSTW is predicted to be triggered at the Odeon theater in Liverpool One after this season prior to being released on DVD. It's being endorsed by Carragher, whose charity The 23 Foundation will find a share of almost any profi... well, it is the idea that counts. The link with The Damned United is a significant one, since it conveniently allows the Fiver to segue seamlessly to a preview of tonight's Butter Cup kickabout involving Dirty Leeds and Liverpool in Elland Road, which a few are labelling 90 Minutes Which May Shake Elland Road However Will In All Likelihood End Up Being 120 Eminently Forgettable Minutes Followed With A Late Win For Liverpool Reserves. However, if the trailers for tonight's game are anything to go by, audiences expecting a night's amusement could be let down. In a universe at which centre-half Leigh Bromby is cup-tied, Dirty Leeds director Simon Grayson should choose between Richard Naylor and Lubo Michalik. "it is a choice issue," that he thunder-throated in his finest Don LaFontaine voice, in a futile bid to ratchet up the tension. "The two players will be prepared to enter and they're capable of standing up to the exam so that I'll see how we proceed." "I expect to begin [Dirty] Leeds and I am sure there'll be chances within this game for gamers that have not been utilized in Premier League games considerably lately," he said, doing his little drum up a little bit of box office company.